Admission & Fees


1. Application for admission on the prescribed form will normally be accepted in the month of November.
2 . Admission Form together with a copy of Prospectus may be available to parents who are seeking admission  for their wards from school office between 7.00 a.m to 12 Noon.
3. The admission form duty filled in along with school marksheet.T.C, birth certificate  (if require) and Passport size Photographs are to be submitted personally to school office during office hours mentioned in Rule 1. On receipt of the properly filled of forms, Parents will be communicated immediately about the date on which Admission Test (if require Oral & Written) will be held.
4. It it is felt necessary , the Parents/Guardians may be called for interview.
5 (i) The admission of the children would be entertained as per accommodation available in the school.
   (ii) The parents of the selected candidates are required to collect the Admission form and fee book from the  school       office for the deposit of Admission fee.
6.Application once rejected will not be entertained for further consideration.
7.If the Parents/Guardians fail to produce T.C/S.L.C/B.C within two months from the date of admission as per the demand, the school would not be responsible to issue any T.C or S.L.C. when the child leaves the school.
8.If S.C/S.T./O.B.C./B.P.L. or Handicapped certificates are there then it is necessary to enclosed with the Admission Form.
9.For Admission in the first class of the institution  NURSERY Students belongs to weaker section & disadvantage group may take advantage of free Education (Only 25% of Admission in session 2018-19 from school), provided that he/she . should to apply with complete recent documents  (incl BPL card), which proves him/her belongs to  weaker section &/ disadvantage group.


1.Fees should be paid by the 20th of the month in cash. A fine Rs 20/- per month (NUR-VIII) will be charged as late fee.
2. The School fees cover twelve calendar months  No reduction is made for holiday or broken periods Students are liable to be charged full fees as long as their names are officially on the rolls.
3.Students whose fees have not been paid for three consecutive months after due notification by the school will have their name stuck off the rolls. If however they wish to continue their schooling, they will be treated as new candidates need re-admission. The fees for the month of Feb, and March be paid before the Final Tests. Defaulters will be also be debarred from the Final Tests.
4.The officer has strict instruction to refuse payment if the required discipline is not followed.