School & Regulation

1. Students are expected to demonstrate an increasing self-discipline with age and to exercise the freedom given to them responsibly.They should treat all members of the Staff and all adults with respect and politeness.They should show gentleness and courtesy to their companions, Refinement of manners , uprightness and self restraint should be a characteristic of every student of the school.Good manners and polite behavior is part of education.

2. When the bell is rung, students must go their respective classrooms. The classrooms must be neat and tidy and looked after by the class monitor. Silence is to be strictly observed during class hours and during the change of teachers or when going from one class to another. During the absence of a teacher, boys must obey the monitor of the class. Those who have been absent and those who come late , must show the treacher their Regularity Record duly countersigned by the Principal / Prefect of Discipline.
3. A teaching atmosphere is necessary for good teaching so no outsiders are allowed to visit the class rooms or the teacher without proper permission. Any other activities that do not pertain directly to the actual teaching of the school programme can ony be allowed with the explicity permission of the Principal.
4. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings which must be marked  clearly  with their names.
5. Any damage to school properly must be remedied at the cost of the person responsible for the damage.


1 . Fee once paid are not refundable in any circumstances.
2.If the request for withdrawal or Transfer certificate in made after beginning  of the new session the charge will be as follows (April ) – 1 month fee + TC Charge
(May –June) – 3 months fee + yearly charge+ TC charge
(July – Sept) – 6 months fee or full year fees (as the case may be) + TC charge.
3.Withdrawal or TC fee except arrears will be charged if a student is told to withdraw by the school authorities or a request is made by parents at the end of academic session.
4.Should a pupil be removed from the school, no certificate will be granted until all dues to the school have been paid.
5.Application for a transfer Certificate need to be made in writing to the Principal . This must be collected from the school office and a prescribed fees is to be paid. Duplicate copies of transfer Certificate are ordinarily not issue.


1. It  is strictly forbidden for any pupil to take private tuition from any of the teachers of this school without the written permission of the principal.
2. It is normal that teaching should be adequate in the school and that tuition should not be required for any average student.


The general performance of the student will be taken into account for promotion. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s work including co-curricular performance. In case where a repetition of class is in the interest of the child, parents will be informed and their support requested. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.