School Hours

School Hours

CLASS IX & X (Proposed)DAY SHIFT11.50 – 4.40 (SUMMER)
CLASS IX & X (Proposed) DAY SHIFT11.55 – 4.40 (WINTER)

2.  Assembly beings 10 minutes before the class hours.

3.  Any student who does  not come on time may be refused entry to the class.
       OFFICE HOURS  : 7.00Na.m to 12 noon (Summer) 
                                       7.15 a.m to 12.15 p.m (Winter)


1. Regular attendance at school is in the interest of the student. It builts up a sence of devosion to duty and a habit for regularity and discipline .The students should arrive on time to the school. There is a procedure for checking the late corners.Parents co-operation will be much appreciated so that punctuality may be ensured.

2. Students who have been absent from class must have reason entered in the regularity record in the school diary, Stating briefly the cause of the absence or delay .Reasons of a private nature may be submitted in a letter. These notes need to be dully signed by the parents or the guardians of the children and countersigned by the appropriate school authority.

3. Irregular attendance , habitual idleness, Disobedience or conduct injurious to moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for adopting strict disciplinary measures which may even lead dismissal of a student from the school. Those whose attendance falls short of 75% may be debarred from appearing from the examination.

4. Absence from  class for birthdays , marrigage feast , ex-cursions in view of anticipating a extending school vacations or in order to study are not encourgaged. If a student is absent without leave for fifteen consecutive days his/ her name be struck off the rolls. However  due notice will be given to the parents or guardians concerned before such action may be taken.

5. Students are forbidden to bring transistor , radio, watches, tape recorders and costly jewellery. No books, periodicals or magazines of any kinds other than school and library books may be brought to the school.

6. Use of tobacco  materials or smoking in the school campus is strictly forbidden.

7. Any complaint or suggestion regarding pedagogy, curriculum etc. should be made to the teacher concerned or to the principal.