Aim & Objective

Imparting Value-based education with excellence.

      1. The prime purpose of the establishment if the school is the education of children of all faiths irrespective of caste, creed or community.

2.       The school will foster the all-around growth and development of students of their fullest potential spirituality , intellectually and physically.It will guide them in the development of a sound value system and will inculcate in them a deep love and appreciation for the culture and country.The School will try to create an atmosphere in which the student finds scope within their own culture milieu to reflect on their life and to develop not only on knowledge and skills but also in that wisdom which is fruit of life.

3.       The education imparted is characterized by thoroughness ,high principles and freedom. The students are helped to grow in responsibility, self-reliance and human maturity so that they find meaning and purpose in their lives and are inspired to live and work for building up of a just and fraternal society. Hence the idea of service is set before others, to be aware of their needs and to make sacrifices when of necessary, to share what they have with less privileged. Efforts will, therefore, be needed to instill a sense of community rather than a spirit of competition.

4.       The institution under the title and name “CHITTARANJAN NATIONAL COLLEGIATE SCHOOL “ has started its 1st session in the month of April 1993 obtaining admission from class Nursery to V. The media of instruction is English. It follows the CBSE Pattern.The well trained experienced teachers are employed under the sound management of Director as a head of the institution. Throughout the session institution makes rapid progress. Firstly it forms Trust under the name of MIHIJAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST, which manages the entire academical  & non-academical activities of the  school , side by side, it als organizes charitable works off and on, secondly the institution has got grant of Affilation from council of Elementary Education, Govt. of Jharkand.