School Curriculam

The School prepares students for the C.B.S.E / Jharkhand Board examinations at the end of the class VIII,X and class XII (Proposed) As per newly prescribed syllabus.

Subjects for class IX & X (Proposed)

1. Communicative English ( 1st Language)
2. Hindi/ Bengali (2nd Language)
3. Mathematics (with Practical)
4. Social Science (History, Geography, Civics)
5. Science (with practical)
6. Computer & Project work.


Subject for Nursery to CL – VIII

1.English 2. Hindi / Bengsali 3. Mathematics 4. Social Science 5. Science 6. Moral Science
7. General Knowledge 8. Computer 9. Art & Craft 10. Project Work  11. Rhymes & Rhythemes
12. Story telling & writing 13. Conversation.


The institution has its keen mind to design scientifically the computer Study in the long run on the strength ground of the students.


 The institution separately runs “Chittaranjan National Collegiate Coaching Centre “ to provide the adequate education to the local (VI-X) needy (weaker section & disadvantage group) students by charging very nominal monthly fees. It conducts Art and Dance classes on all Saturdays only. This centre is absolutely dedicated to poor intelligent but needy students. Such students have to contact school office and submit an application giving bio-data of their studies. In this regard the Principal’s decision will be Final for acceptance and the same will be communicated to them through office or Notice Board.


Apart from these the curriculam may include Drawings, Art and Handicrafts.


1. In accordance with N.C.E.R.T . syllabus for academic Annual Assessment of children, the school would follow its directions. The particulars of grading and grading points within 100% throughout the year for the below noted examination related to class Nur – VIII & IX – X (Proposed) will be displayed through Report Cards.

PA - I (20%)Half Yearly ( 80%)Total - 100
PA - II (20%)Annual -  ( 80% )Total  -  100

Unit Tests to be conducted apart from above Examinations before the Term Examination.
Syllabus of Term – I (partly)  may be considered in Term – II in each subject from CL – VI & onwards.
2. Reports on general progress will be sent to the parents during the year. These report card need to be returned to the school authorities signed by Parents or guardians. The reports are to be collected on the day they are given out, failing to do so fine will be imposed for the salary.


The general performance of the student will be taken into account for promotion. Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s work including co-curricular performance. In case where a repetition of class is in the interest of the child, parents will be informed and their support requested. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.